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View New Banking Group

New Banking Group

Case Study:      New Banking Group Situation:         Expansion into the Japanese market Date:                 May 2009This Banking Group was named after its founder, and several bank executives with experience of the cultural sensitivities of Japanese market sensibly decided to check out the company name. The objective being to check how commercially safe using the Bank’s name would…


View US Pharmaceutical Company

US Pharmaceutical Company

Case Study:      US Pharmaceutical Company Situation:         New product development Date:                 From 2009 Brands and Borders was asked to provide a comprehensive name check on over-the-counter medicines produced by a large US pharmaceutical company. The purpose of the check was to ensure that the names of the proposed medicine (the product) did not sound like, suggest,…


View UK Charity

UK Charity

Case Study:      UK Charity Situation:         International merger Date:                 May 2015 A British Medical Charity had recently merged with another international organisation and wanted their new name to represent the charitable interests of both parties whilst at the same time being commercially attractive and useful. 11 new names were given to Brands and Borders. The purpose…


View European Hotel Leisure Chain

European Hotel Leisure Chain

Case Study:     European Hotel Leisure Chain Situation:         European re-branding Date:                 March 2015 A small but fast growing European Hotel group had re-branded their product after an acquisition. They favoured a new name which they hoped would be suitable and appropriate for their market sector i.e. the leisure traveller and holiday maker. Brands and Borders were given…