European Hotel Leisure Chain

Case Study:     European Hotel Leisure Chain
Situation:         European re-branding
Date:                 March 2015

A small but fast growing European Hotel group had re-branded their product after an acquisition. They favoured a new name which they hoped would be suitable and appropriate for their market sector i.e. the leisure traveller and holiday maker.

Brands and Borders were given 22 potential brand names to be checked across 14 European Countries. A set of five questions were agreed on with two respondents for each target country, 28 respondents in total.

The exercise took 24 hours to complete and detailed reports on the suitability of every suggested brand name were sent to the brand agency working on the project. Many of the names were considered suitable, some more than others but there were difficulties identified in three countries with two of the names being quite unsuitable for both political and commercial reasons. A shortlist emerged of three names which were re-checked and all found to be appropriate for the target market without there being any unfortunate associated linguistic connotations.

There are several points to bear in mind here.  Our respondents in this case reported only on the suitability of the likely hotel name in their country. Their examinations entirely centred on the linguistic connotations and proper application of the hotel name for commercial purposes in those target countries.

Our respondents cannot be creative nor judgemental except of course if the name is bad for whatever reason. If there is a clear and definite linguistic aberration attaching to the brand or name then they must report this. Secondly, as already said, respondents cannot be creative nor can they put names into any kind of preferential list unless this is a clear requirement of the brief.

The eventual name selected by the client was made quite safe and is already in the public domain.

Please note that some dates and other details have been changed to protect client confidentiality. The project objectives however are accurate and true.