UK Charity

Case Study:      UK Charity
Situation:         International merger
Date:                 May 2015

A British Medical Charity had recently merged with another international organisation and wanted their new name to represent the charitable interests of both parties whilst at the same time being commercially attractive and useful.

11 new names were given to Brands and Borders. The purpose was to establish that the names were credible in the 18 target countries, which included both the US and countries in Europe. Also, that the names communicated the charitable nature of the new venture without any emphasis on over commercial connotations. The respondents were given four questions which also included observations on the medical nature of the charity and that there was no confusions as to their aims and objectives.

We were pleased to confirm to our clients that no aberrations nor issues had been identified and that they could safely proceed on the basis that all but one name was satisfactory.

Please note that some dates and other details have been changed to protect client confidentiality. The project objectives however are accurate and true.