View McDonald’s India | Fast food success

McDonald’s India | Fast food success

McDonald’s has over 36,000 restaurants in 120 countries. The company has expanded successfully through franchise and operates in countries that require a different strategy, sourcing model and business plan. A detailed look at the operations and expansion of this fast-food giant can offer some excellent insights into how your business could succeed across the globe….


View The Rare Failure Of Beer

The Rare Failure Of Beer

It’s a warm sunny day, you’re through another tough week in the office and you reach for your favourite beer. Do you ever stop to think about the origin of that deliciously cold carbonated beverage? Probably not. In this article, we transport you back into the 1990s to look at the very rare example of…


View Nike | Cultural Faux Pas

Nike | Cultural Faux Pas

You know as well as we do, there are plenty of examples out there of brand mistakes, errors in judgement and downright offensive marketing campaigns. We wanted to highlight the type of mistakes and cultural faux pas that can be avoided when you work with Brands & Borders. Nike releases women’s sports gear In 2013,…


View Worldwide Logo Screening

Worldwide Logo Screening

When we embark on a new logo screening project, we deploy a variety of resources and skills to ensure you can launch or expand your brand with confidence. Logo screening check: We screen whether the meaning of your logo is potentially rude or offensive. Sensitivities such as religious meaning or connotations that could undermine your…


View Your Agency’s Secret Weapon

Your Agency’s Secret Weapon

As a marketing or design agency, you pride yourself on being ahead of the curve before your clients even know there’s a curve to be ahead of, or even what that curve is, looks like or what colour it is. You excel at knowing what you need to do to build or launch a brand…


View Common Misconceptions of Branding in Europe

Common Misconceptions of Branding in Europe

In the United Kingdom in the financial years of 2016 to 2017, over 600,000 new companies, each with their own branding, registered with Companies House, and 436,526 dissolutions in the same period. This was an increase on the previous year, which in turn was higher than every year before that since 2009. This ongoing trend…


View Poorly Chosen Brands Will Cost You Money

Poorly Chosen Brands Will Cost You Money

Your brand name is important to you. It’s something you feel both passionate and protective about. You may have chosen it for personal reasons; it might be an amalgamation of names, places or information relevant either to you or the product or service you’re offering your potential clients. Brand Implications If you intend to launch…


View Colour Guide to Western Europe

Colour Guide to Western Europe

With a population of approximately four hundred million people, Western Europe has 18 different nations with multiple languages and dialects. Creating a brand logo that takes into account the name, design and colours is vital to the success of a business. Choosing one that is perfect across a continent may take a while, but it…


View Brand Localisation and Globalisation – A Sports Perspective

Brand Localisation and Globalisation – A Sports Perspective

Sometimes brand imaging is not orientated towards one country or particular cultural traits. Across the world every four years, there are major sporting events involving multiple nations whilst international Tennis and Golf competitions are held every year. Advertising and brand design takes on a different meaning because the target market is both exclusive and diverse….


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