Your Agency’s Secret Weapon

As a marketing or design agency, you pride yourself on being ahead of the curve before your clients even know there’s a curve to be ahead of, or even what that curve is, looks like or what colour it is.
You excel at knowing what you need to do to build or launch a brand successfully, how to fully elevate your clients and their product so that they stand above the rest and are the only option when it comes to their target audience wanting, no, needing exactly what it is that they are offering.

However, can you make such a bold claim if that same brand, that logo, colours, their message and even their social media designs needed to be launched in, say, China, Russia or the United Arab Emirates?

What you do well here can be improved further by Brands and Borders when it comes to doing what you do already, only in other countries. When your clients wish to launch their brand elsewhere in the world, the culture and language that you’re familiar with are longer in play. But we are.

Not only can Brands and Borders perform linguistic disaster checking for you, enabling your clients to remain egg free in the face area; but there are a multitude of other handy services we provide.

Social Media Designs

Social Media channels and their impact differ from country to country. They can prove an essential tool when it comes to launch time, but does it work for you or against you? Brands and Borders can give you an extensive explanation of the do’s and don’ts for the country your paying clients are looking to launch in, potentially saving your agency’s reputation.


Logos are everything. We all know that. But the shape, the layout and style of your logo could cause offence in other territories, and they may compare negatively to existing, similar logos that are a household name abroad. We check it all, so you look as awesome as you can to those that pay you.

Brand Names

Brand Name is the essence of your client’s very being. Of course, they’ll be reticent to change it; but what if Brands and Borders found out for you that their name is innuendo for something incredibly rude in the targeted part of the world? Your patron would positively heap praise upon you for helping them dodge that bullet. A new name, and you are the heroes. Great work, agency people!


Brand Colour

Colours, when used in different countries, can hold a multitude of nuances and cultural implications entirely different from our own. Each territory is a potential minefield where black might symbolise death and mourning; whilst being smart, formal and professional elsewhere. Blue is a calming colour to us but adopts a talismanic suggestion in other areas. Assume nothing. We certainly don’t.

Brands and Borders can be the experts you turn to when your clients turn to you for your marketing and design expertise. Avoid embarrassing mistakes that could lose your customers by letting us take the guesswork out of launching a brand in foreign territories.

Our services are fully white-labelled, so you continue to be the rock stars of the marketing and design world. Call us now to see how we can help.

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