McDonald’s India | Fast food success

McDonald’s has over 36,000 restaurants in 120 countries. The company has expanded successfully through franchise and operates in countries that require a different strategy, sourcing model and business plan.

A detailed look at the operations and expansion of this fast-food giant can offer some excellent insights into how your business could succeed across the globe. For this article, we’ll be focusing on McDonald’s in India.

Local sourcing

McDonald’s India sourced a large majority of its products from within the country. For this purpose, it has developed local Indian businesses, which can supply the items required for their restaurants. Examples include fresh lettuce sourced from Pune, Delhi, Naintal and Ooty; cheese from Dynamic Dairies, Baramati, Maharashtra, fresh bread rolls from Mrs. Bector Foods, Phillaur, Punjac & Khopoli. The company highlight that all suppliers are HACCP certified; a way of managing food safety hazards.


Customs and culture

Now, this is where we start to get excited. We’ve seen global brands fail to manage the way their brand is represented abroad. However, McDonald’s worldwide is well known for respecting local culture. This was shown in the wide selection of vegetarian options, crafted to suit the tastes of the community. When McDonald’s expanded into India, it demonstrates this by being the first country in the world where beef or pork menu items are excluded.

The food service retailer took this principle into the food production by re-engineering its operation to address the special requirements of vegetarians. Vegetables are prepared separately using different cooking equipment and dedicated utensils. From procurement to cooking and serving, McDonald’s ensure trust is fostered with their target audience.

This approach not only ensures McDonald’s will be successful in gaining customers but also satisfies the relevant governing bodies for the industry and country at large.


An average McDonald’s restaurant employs 60-80 people and all positions are included in the McDonald’s world-class training programme. As an equal opportunities employer, the company also gain favour through providing long-term careers.

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