Worldwide Logo Screening

When we embark on a new logo screening project, we deploy a variety of resources and skills to ensure you can launch or expand your brand with confidence.

Logo screening check:

  • We screen whether the
    meaning of your logo is potentially rude or offensive.
  • Sensitivities such as religious meaning or connotations that could undermine your brand.
  • Whether the name can be pronounced with ease by your target audience.

Logo screening services from Brands & Borders. We have decades of experience in helping start up and global brands avoid linguistic disasters.

Confidentiality with your brand screening

Our team are well-versed in the covert nature of brand launches and checks. Therefore, any submissions you make to our team are only visible to the relevant linguists. We also ensure that all linguists, project and account managers have signed a non-disclosure agreement prior to any work commencing. The results of your name/brand checks will not be made public or shared with third parties.


As well as screening your logo for a global marketplace, we also work closely with our clients to assess:

  • Packaging
  • Marketing materials
  • Adverts
  • Graphics

Worldwide Logo Screening Services from a team with decades of translations and brand checking experience.


The importance of localisation

As you expand your brand portfolio, market research is essential. This is usually completed prior to the creation of a logo. However, if you’ve created your brand and want surety prior to launch, a survey is often a key contributor. We assess demographics, local structures, address protocols, gender, weights, measures, distance, currency and much more to ensure your survey will deliver the accurate insights you need.

With a network of over 2,000 translators across 186 world languages – no job is too large or too complex for our team. If you’ve created a logo and need assurance before launch, contact our team on +44 (0) 845 055 8437 or email


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